"Art should be a communication between souls."
-Sanjoy Das

Sanjoy Das was born in India, Meghalaya and he presently has a studio in Surrey, BC Canada. Sanjoy is an Intern Architect and Professional Artist . He works  in various mediums-oil, watercolor,pen & ink, airbrush

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and is a Certified Instructor for Design. Sanjoy has had a solo show in Tsawassen Art Centre, and participated in group exhibitions at the Surrey Art Gallery. He holds art workshops for youth.

Sanjoy Das’ work is intuitive in nature and done spontaneously. Sanjoy does landscapes, figurative, surrealism, and abstract paintings. Creating art makes Sanjoy alert and present, enabling him to live in the moment. His objective is to bring this heightened sense of awareness into his art and everyday life and share this experience with the onlooker. Once he has an idea, he tries to find the best possible way to express it in form through various media such as drawing, painting, or sculpture, and sometimes even combination of all three.